If you are reading this chances are you can walk, navigate and commute anywhere you like, confidently, independently and with self-reliance. But an estimated 285 million people who are Blind or Visually Impaired cannot. Our streets and pathways are so crowded and congested that commuting on foot is a constant challenge. Crossing an intersection is becoming increasingly life threatening .

The traditional white cane is an important mobility tool for the blind people. The white cane was first introduced after the World War 1 and the world has changed drastically since. With everything smart these days we felt the need of having a smart tool that not only helps the blind people mobilize but also enhances their skills and techniques.

Independence and freedom to travel are very important to the human life and with CANe we want to make Blind Traveler’s walk easy.

CANe is an innovation where tradition marries innovation. The CANe will enable blind and visually impaired to navigate with ease, independence and self-reliance without learning any new skill.

CANe is our vision that we want to share with every eye that lacks the light.